Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Reflections on Seeing Lee Daniels' The Butler. September 13, 2013

I had never seen a movie about the Civil Rights Movement in which the main character wasn't white.

Why does it always have to be about the white person? To hell with all that, give others a chance to speak.

I had never seen the videos of what happened in Birmingham and Selma and all over back in those days. I had seen pictures but not the videos.

Of how they were sprayed with powerful water hoses, how the dogs went after them like rank meat, how people poured ketchup on their faces and spit on them and jeered at them while they sat at that restaurant counter. They looked mighty close to Jesus at the time of His Crucifixion.

Why the hate? Why the blamin' the hate on God's Holy Scriptures? Why the violence? What the hell is wrong with you, where is your  humanity?
Where is your humanity.

Somehow you lost it, and you try to take it from someone else too because the fact that somehow they still got it after all they been through makes you scared. Like they stronger than you. Like they got somethin' you ain't got. And you can't stand that.

And so you lie and scream and spit and throw and punch and set on fire and abuse the very people God done laid God's own hands on.

What the hell is wrong with you.

We ashamed. We ashamed of our past, and we would rather pretend it never happened. And we hide behind excuses like, "I've heard it a million times" and "That was a long time ago" and shit like that.

But you know what? You don't let us forget the cross, where our Savior died. You don't let us forget what happened to Him, and you want us to forget about the people who looked just like Him, laying down their dignity and their very own lives for the sake of someone else? For the sake of someone they don't know? For the sakes of those not even born yet?

Naw, I ain't gon forget. Because as soon as I forget, I lose my humanity. Just like those people did. Just like they forgot who they were and who the people were standing before them. That's right, the PEOPLE. Because we all human beings. We all matter and are important, just as equally as anyone else, and God's got dreams for all of us.

May we press forward to make God's dreams for us come true. We ain't got no right not to. We was bought at a price, and I ain't gonna go a'wastin that sacrifice, no no. I ain't gonna go a'wastin my Lord's sacrifice for me.

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