Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

I have never before made a New Year's Resolution. I capitalize it like it is important, like it is sacred. I grew up being told that resolutions were hokie and unimportant. But seeing as how the world was supposed to end on my birthday (December 21) but did not, I realized something new. I read an article online that explained that the end of the Mayan calendar was for them not about an ending but about a new beginning, a time to start afresh and purge the old and dirty. This inspired me to allow myself a new beginning, a new celebration of the life we have so graciously been given.

So, this year I have a Resolution. I call it Perspective: New Year, New Mindset. Like any idea that I have, this idea came from a multitude of sources and influences. The Mayans helped a bit, but I also learned something new while at home with my family for Christmas. I learn more and more each day how my upbringing has impacted who I am, and I realized while at home that my parents' tendencies toward money have subconsciously become my own. We (my family) are very quick to say that we cannot afford something or that we cannot go on that trip or cannot buy that item because we never have any money, but that is simply not true. Know how I know? I just moved 45 minutes from where I used to live. I just moved all of my possessions. And I realized how much I have - how many valuables and how much CRAP. I was reminded of one of my deepest passions - the third world - and how they have absolutely nothing. They don't lock their homes because they have nothing for anyone to steal. They themselves may feel the urge to steal just so they can have food to eat. Like the birds, they don't store away in barns as we do (footnote: Jesus).

So my new perspective is to see how much I truly have and to not complain that I don't make enough money. Granted, I don't make enough for how much I work, but I am not going hungry. I have tons of "stuff" to move from one home to another. I had Starbucks coffee this morning. I am sitting in a coffee shop as I write this, on a computer that many people do not have, eating food that many do not have. I am not in need. Some would say I am blessed, some would say I am fortunate, but I say I need to be thankful. I will not maintain an attitude of guilt toward my belongings, because I do not think guilt is from God. But I think I need to do less complaining and do more thanking and sharing.

I would love to hear your thoughts on a new year (especially since the world didn't end last week). Please feel free to respond, but as always keep it clean and respectful.

Blessings to you, and Happy New Year!

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