Friday, April 18, 2014

Lenten Prayer. 4.11.14

Lead me to your cross, my Lord Jesus.

How do I follow you in the path of your cross, into the darkness,
and sit with you there in your suffering?

How, when you have seen me grow squeamish in following even in the light,
when you have seen me deny you not three times but three million,
when you have dismissed me to sell you off in betrayal?

How do I follow you, I a sinner, condemned, unclean?

It is to life that we have been called, to life abundantly.
And the place you offer it is on the path of pain and suffering?
Of heartache and humility and abandonment?
You offer life through the darkness of darkest suffering? Never, my Lord!

But yes; it is true. Light emerges from the shadows;
life comes only after death; glory only after suffering.
Your way is not my way, oh my God.
Your path is not my own; your thoughts are high above mine.

For who could dream of beauty coming from a seed,
of life emerging from pain,
of darkest night bursting forth into glorious day?
You, my Lord. Only you.

Ok, Lord; I will follow.

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