Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lent Post No. 2: Last Night

This one has sat in my inbox for only two days. Moving on up, eh?

As I have begun my Lenten journey of giving up the need to overproduce and the need to please everyone, I have already learned a great deal. I find myself enjoying sweet moments with my Savior that otherwise I may have, but perhaps they would not have the meaning that they now have. I will take last night as an example.
I got off work at 5:00 and needed to be back at 6:45 for a lecture series our church is hosting. Typically, when I have to be working all day long, it is easier to not take a break so that I cannot think about being tired, or so that I can stay "in the zone." But yesterday, I decided time would be better spent seeking where the Lord may be found. I decided that though I would be keeping children rather than attending the lecture, it would not hurt for my heart and mind to be tuned into spiritual things, that I too may learn something from the event. So before leaving work, I nestled myself into my corner office (off the clock, mind you) and enjoyed a fabulous devotion about vulnerability. The devotion discussed Jesus' vulnerability in becoming human and in His journey to the cross. I was reminded of my constant need to overproduce, to have everything so-so. While I do not think vulnerability should be used as an excuse to be lazy and half-do a job, I think there could be a level of vulnerability in work. Perhaps it is ok to not know everything or to have to ask for help sometimes. Perhaps it is ok if one loose end gets left out by accident every now-and-then.
After enjoying my devotional time, I went home, washed some dishes I had left from visitors the previous day, and cooked some pizza. What a relaxing time it was. As I ate my dinner in my dining room, which has a big bay window with a gorgeous view, I watched the colorful sunset stretch ever-changingly across the sky. How beautiful and breathtaking it was. And the pictures I took did not do it justice. The Lord speaks ever so quietly through the Lord's Creation. And sometimes, how loud is that quiet speaking.
After praying and enjoying the view, I saw a bird flying high across the sunset. I took it to be another God moment, an action through which God was speaking through Creation. I heard the words of God, "You have to move, you have to try, in order to fly." A nice rhyme, huh? But really. In order to enjoy the beautiful sunset from way above the trees, to leave behind the worries of today and to find a new experience with the Savior, you might just have to move. Move away from the desk, move away from the pile of laundry that is ever-increasing, move away from the computer screen...move. Move toward others. Move toward God working in the inner city or out in the boondocks away from the hustle and bustle. Wherever it may be that God is leading you, move. And put forth an effort into your spiritual growth. Try.

And then you will be amazed at how far and how high you can fly.

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